Reconfigurable Desktop Trainer (RDT)

Gate-to-Live-Fire training for multiple weapon systems using a common low-cost COTS computer, touchscreen displays and replicated gunner control grips.


The Stryker Reconfigurable Desktop Trainer (SRDT)

Provides training for the weapon systems deployed on Stryker vehicles and can be readily upgraded to support new weapon systems as they are developed. This includes upgrades and customizations, which can be incorporated to provide training for any weapons system or vehicle.

Fully compatible with Stryker Embedded Training Systems

Fully compatible with the existing US Army Stryker fleet of Embedded Training Systems, delivered by General Dynamics, and ensures concurrency by using the same InVeris virtual gunnery software as used in the Stryker Embedded Training Systems.

Realistic 3D training environment

SRDT provides a realistic synthetic 3D environment with state-of-the-art visual effects and sounds. This enables the crew to perform tasks, drills and procedures, while manipulating a detailed weapon hand controller, and interacting with replicated touchscreen weapon control interfaces, and key driver gauges.

Provides crew level training with multi-vehicle capability

The SRDT provides crew level training with driver input, incorporates networked training with other SRDT’s and Stryker vehicles, and can be used with other DIS compliant training aides and simulation systems.

Multiple terrain and target options

The SRDT comes pre-loaded with multiple terrain databases and a wide selection of targets. Additional Terrain databases, Own-ships and Target entities can be easily added.

Flexible training management

The SRDT supports training with or without instructor supervision, allowing for greater flexibility in training management. The training system accommodates both driver and commander stations for full crew complement training.

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US Army Reconfigurable Desktop Trainer (RDT)

The US. Army’s Reconfigurable Desktop Trainer provides...

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